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The dataset includes functional data from 2 monkeys.

Usage Agreement

Creative Commons – Attribution-NonCommercial Share Alike (CC-BY-NC-SA)- Standard INDI data sharing policy. Prohibits use of the data for commercial purposes.

Scanner Specifications


Macaca mulatta

Sample Description

Scan Procedures and Parameters

Ethics approval: All experimental procedures conformed to US National Institutes of Health guidelines. The monkey protocol was approved by Caltech Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (protocol # 1574).

Any applicable training: Monkeys were trained/rewarded for keeping their gaze within the screen window.

Anesthesia procedures: Monkeys were awake during scans.

Time between anesthesia and scanning: N/A

Head fixation: MRI-compatible plastic headpost

Position in scanner and procedure used: Sphinx position

Contrast agent: Exogenous MION-based contrast agent (Feraheme; 8-10 mg/kg IV)

Scan sequences


Functional parcellation of visual cortex in humans and monkeys


1McGovern Institute for Brain Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2Department of Computation and Neural Systems, California Institute of Technology


We would like to thank Nicole Schweers, Simon Kornblith, and Robert Desimone.


NIH grant R01 EY019702 to D.T.


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